2 comments on “A little Track Action

  1. Stacey is still learning and she loves the hobby. She really got into the hobby about two years ago, but usually can only get out once a week. The improvement I have seen in her over the last year has lead me to believe, that if she starts getting out more, we all could be in trouble. She said she learned a lot from you guys, yesterday and she really enjoyed just chatting and running with Paula. I am grateful you guys reminded me of how much fun this hobby can be, lately it seems like work. I am still smiling and trying to figure out how you both are so much quicker then me through the middle section.
    Thank you so much.
    We will see you soon.

  2. We had a great time running the track with you today and hope to more often in the near future. I think Stacey was sand bagging a little and taking it easy on all of us.

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