5 comments on “MIP PRO8 Conversion Kit: Track Tested

  1. It is technically a 1/8 ebuggy so unless it does not meet the rules, most tracks will have to run it with the 1/8 buggys because they are the same dimensions and power plants, just may need to add weight in order to meet the rules.In the build they changed out the short course motor for a 1/8 size T8. I,m not sure why in this artical they say it has a sct motor because it was changed out in the build video and also it says here that he ran on 2s but in the build it was changed out to a 4s as well.

  2. I thought about picking up a kit to try on my Tekno SCT410. Are they running them in the same class as the E-buggies? The only superlite I’ve seen racing had weights in it to make it legal.

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