About Sackville RC

We are not a business, we are a private Radio Controlled (RC) car club, in Lower Sackville Nova Scotia.

We are a group of families and friends, who have been running RC vehicles, as a club since 2008.

We race 1/10 electric vehicles on a series of backyard tracks.

Currently Halifax Regional Municpality does not have a facility for RC vehicles. Sackville RC would like to help establish a public surface RC Area in HRM. Something easily accessible for everybody. An unused baseball field would be a good size to accommodate Racers, Bashers and Crawlers.

Follow our progress at HRM RC Park Public Updates

Sackville RC Membership

Contact us at SackvilleRC@eastlink.ca

Thank you to those who have supported us.

15 comments on “About Sackville RC

  1. Wow! Never knew there were such serious hobbyists for this kind of recreation! You look like you have the quintessential site for all things RC! I will point my son-in-law this way, to be sure! Thanks for coming by to see what we’re about and ‘liking’ us!

  2. Hi! Thanks a lot for liking my posts. You have a pretty vroooming blog here. I had been covering formula-1 races as a journalist. Hence had quite an association with the cars. I even had a chance to pillion a escort car on the Sepang track (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kM1heVBhMw0). I am a biker though, love biking, specially cruise biking to remote and high hill areas (read: http://vagabondimages.in/2013/08/19/roatrip-to-kaza-in-spiti-valley/)

    Please keep coming for some travel reads.

  3. Nice foundation you have here. I hope you get a track going soon. Here in Norway I have access to two or three nearby tracks. Good luck !

  4. have asked other 2 sites if they want to meet anywhere sat night after supper for meet so check if u can if their is one more the better right ??

  5. Great blog you have ! Motor racing is a great und funny hobby. Here, we have a hall, and now and then I’m also there. Btw. Thank you very much to stooping by and liking some of my pictures. Greetings to the other side of the world. # Thomas

  6. Dude it looks like you have some mad as tracks and cars! I wish there were some tracks like that where i live :( I had to make my own tracks ill the send you a link to the video if you want, anyways man nice website and cool videos. Keep up the good work!

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